We Opened in 1992

The Cleaning Process

We opened our first grain cleaning facility in 1992. It featured state-of-the-art machines, including a Delta air and screen grain cleaner, indent cylinders, a gravity table and de-stoners.

Our Facility

As our business grew, there was a need for additional cleaning capacity. In 2006 we constructed a new, state-of-the-art grain cleaning and packaging facility. Together with our original plant, we have the capacity to handle over 500,000 bushels per year.

Our Facility
Our Facility
Our Facility

Our new line of equipment features a Delta 5-deck screen and air cleaner; a destoner (a second in-line destoner will soon be added); a gravity table; and indent cylinders.

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Popular Products

Montana Flour & Grains is located in Fort Benton, the birthplace of Montana and the heart of wheat growing country. We have provided certified organic and conventional high-quality flour and whole grain products locally and internationally for 40 years. We partner with an extensive network of family-owned farms allowing us first-hand knowledge of crop conditions and a consistent inventory of high-quality products. We are efficient, provide competitive pricing, and build long-term relationships with producers and consumers.

Bag of Wheat

Kamut Wheat

“Buttery rich, nutty flavor” are the superlatives we hear most often when people describe why they love KAMUT® brand wheat products. This ancient grain has a wide variety of uses. It’s great in baked goods, breakfast cereals and pasta.


The hard red and hard white wheat grown in North Central Montana are recognized internationally for their quality. The outstanding breads produced from this wheat are among the finest in the world because of the quality and quantity of the protein they contain.



We take exceptional pride in the whole grain flours we produce. Our micronizer mill produces a homogenous flour at cool temperatures. Our flour is considerably drier than most other commercial flour because we do not temper (add water) to our wheat before milling as is the normal custom.